Create Mood Boards to organize your Bookmarks, Articles, Images & Research

Clipd is a cloud-based Bookmark Manager for you to design, collect and curate your research in mood boards, accessible on all your devices.

The complete Mood Boards & Bookmark Manager Suite is an all-in-one Mood Boards designer, Bookmark Manager, Article Reader, Start Page & Dashboard
Dark Mode & Customizable Theme

Completely customize the look and feel of the app, or individual boards.

Runs on all your devices
Clipd is completely web based and is designed to be accessible on every platform and every device.
Instant Full Text Search & Speed Dial

See search results instantly as you type your search query. Auto promoted Speed Dial makes your favorite links a single click away.

Mood Boards or Lists

With Clipd, you can create Kanban, Masonry or Fixed views with sections, or have a list view with unordered data

Advanced Tagging & Filtering
Tags are great, manually tagging content is not. Clipd let’s you auto assign tags based on custom keywords. Instant drill-down filters let’s you find exactly the content you are looking for with precision.
Safety, Security and Privacy

All your bookmarks are completely private, if that’s not enough, pin protect your sensitive boards so only you can access them.

Hoard the Internet

Bookmarks, Articles, Images, Videos, Documents & more...


Define your tags

and we will tag your content automatically


Design your canvas

Your board is your canvas, set it up how you want with background images or a color. Choose your layout and arrange as you please


Define your style

Choose between light or dark mode, change the theme color. You are in command


Define your workflow

Choose a section layout for curated content or pick the list view for unsorted images and articles


Find it, Fast!

Never worry about losing your knowledge, our powerful full text search will find it, instantly!


Share your creation

Your board is ready, you want to show it to the world. Sharing is a single click away.