Changelog 06th October 2019

Another major update, we have completely rehauled the different display modes to offer complete customizability to our users. Please read below for details:

Per Section View Customizations:

Now users can select which fields to display/hide per section per view. This enables quite a few View combinations to display.

The base Views have been written from the ground up to support the new customizations & they can now be changed to display exactly the information a user needs.


The views have also been retweaked to look cleaner and to display more information.

Improved Searching:

Search has been completely rewritten to now include results from not only Bookmarks, but also Boards, Sections and Tags.

Here are some other minor additions:

  • Bookmarks can now directly be added to the Inbox via the app. This should assist in adding bookmarks on mobile devices.
  • Broken links checker: Clipd will now flag bookmarks it believes are broken/dead. User has the option to mark them as not dead via the Bookmarks context menu. A new Broken/Dead links report has also been added to the Bookmarks tab. PS: This will not identify any existing bookmarks which are dead/broken.
  • Drag and drop reordering is now completely disabled on mobile devices. This was causing quite a bit of headache for the users and we have disabled this functionality on mobile devices. You can still do drag/drop on desktop resolutions.
  • Performance and stability improvements
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