Changelog 18th September 2019

This is a major update. We have added quite a few new features and improvements. Please read below for details:

Trash Board now supports a Trash board which will house all your deleted bookmarks. Whether a bookmark is deleted directly, or as a result of deleting a board or section, they will end up in the trash board.

To restore your bookmarks, simply select the bookmarks and move them to the desired folder.

Kanban Board (beta)

After quite a few community requests, we have added a new View model for section driven boards. Now a section based board can be switched between different views including Kanban and Fixed column layouts.

Fixed Column Layout

Fixed column boards are highly customizable fixed column layouts. Users can not only now define the number of columns for desktop, but also for mobile and tablet devices, as well as the gutter between columns.

Board Filtering

Too many boards? Don’t remember which one is where? Now you can instantly find your Board or section with a few keystrokes.

Board Sorting

Boards can now be sorted alphabetically. This will disable drag and drop sorting. To revert back, simply select the manual sorting mode.

Minimize Sections by default

Users can now define if their sections or minimized by default. This can be defined both for desktop as well as mobile resolutions.

Performance Improvements

We have also tweaked our algorithms to improve overall performance and stability.

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