Changelog 19th October 2019


Pagination is now enforced automatically when bookmarks exceed the page size. This is to ensure performance and avoid crashes on boards with thousands of bookmarks.

Pagination can be displayed at the top, bottom or both sides of sections. (Can be configured in settings). Users can also choose how many items to display on a per section basis (in Section Context Menu > View).

Drag & Drop Improvements

Drag & drop is now supported in all sort modes. Dropping a bookmark in a section sorted by not position will drop the item at the end of the section.

Search Result Improvements

Search results now show images instead of icons (if found) for search results.

Directly Move Sections & Bookmarks

Sections and bookmarks can now be directly moved from their respective context menus instead of selecting the multi-select tool first.

Redesigned Settings Page

Global settings have been relocated into their own page and are now much more organized

  • Sections can now show bookmarks count. (Configurable via Global Settings > Boards > Sections)
  • Pagination can be position at the top, bottom or both (Configurable via Global Settings > Boards > Pagination)
  • Accounts can now be permanently deleted (Global Settings > Account)
  • Other minor UI fixes and performance improvements
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