Changelog 22nd April 2020

Sorry for the long delay in updates. This update is concerning our browser extension. The following updates have been made:


We have implemented authentication within the browser extension thus requiring all users to connect the extension with their account.

This was done to avoid the dreaded issue where the extension will open every time a security token expired, this caused a lot of frustration and issues for our end users.

Pinned tabs are now ignored while saving tabs:

Previously, when saving tabs, Clipd browser extension will also save pinned tabs. Most users, however, do not wish to save their pinned tabs.

With the new version, pinned tabs are ignored by default, however, the user has the option to select them during save.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can now bookmark a page/open the popup by pressing the following hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + A

Minor bug fixes:

We have improved the layout of various sections, including the “Save Tabs” feature which was previously quite confusing for users

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Hi. Your app is cool, but I won’t use it, as I’d need to have the link opened in my browser when I click on it. There’s a feature “open all”, but it’s not useful to me.

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