Changelog 7th September 2019 – Tabs Management

Tabs Manager:

We have added tab management functionality to our browser extension. Now you can save all (or selected) tabs as sections directly from the browser extension.

Due to this Clipd requires new permissions, specifically Tabs permissions for the extension to work.

Tab Management

The user now has multiple options of saving open tabs:

To a new board:

A new board titled Today’s Date will be created under the “Saved Tabs” group. Links will be added to the section titled Current Time.

To Inbox:

All tabs will be saved as individual links to the Inbox


You can select tabs you want to save, and where you want to save them. This section also gives you the option of closing all tabs as soon as they are saved.

Improved Duplication Detection:

The browser extension now checks if the currently added page already exists in any of the sections, if it does it populates the details of that page automatically. It is still possible to duplicate URLs in different sections via Bulk Paste, or manually adding links in the app.

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