Clipd 2.0 Launch

Good day folks,

We have been hard at work for quite some time now and are now ready to launch Clipd version 2.
This is a significant upgrade as we have completely revamped the entire system. The new version brings a lot of new functionality and features that you all have been asking for some time.

As you are aware, we have provided this service completely for free for the last 2 years and have been paying the costs out of our pocket, as you can imagine this is completely unsustainable for a bootstrapped startup like ours.

With version 2 we are introducing an optional Premium membership model to support the costs involved in developing & maintaining this service. Everything else in will still remain completely free to use.

We plan to upgrade to the new version on 27th Feb 2021, and even though we have full backups of our database, we encourage you to get an export of your bookmarks just in case. We will be posting full details of changes on our blog before the launch as well.

As always, you can email us with any concerns or questions at [email protected].

Thank you, Team

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