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Clipd’s browser extension can help save all your open tabs in Google Chrome & Firefox to one of your boards. You can then restore all tabs at once from Clipd’s app. You can choose which tabs to save, which board to save them in, and close them if you wish after saving. This saves a lot of time when you have to run out in a hurry and want to save your tabs and shut down the browser session.

How to save open browser tabs #

  • Click on Clipd’s browser extension icon to bring up the popup
  • Select “Save Tabs” from the top menu
  • Select either an existing board to save tabs to, or create a new one
  • Select the tabs you want or don’t want to save
  • Select either Save (to just save the tabs), or Save & Close (to save the tabs and close them)
  • Depending on if you chose a new board or an existing one, a board under board group “Saved Tabs” will be created

save tabs using chrome firefox  extension


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