Inbox, Archive & Trash

Default Boards: # automatically creates three default boards for all users. These boards are Inbox, Archive & Trash.

Built-in boards can’t be renamed or deleted and are intentionally limited in their customization. Each of these boards serves a specific purpose and therefore varies in its functionality. Clipd also restricts new board creation with the same name as any of the built-in board names to avoid confusion during board selection. All default boards are based on the “List” layout and contain no sections, items are always sorted by “Latest” to “Oldest” and use the “Panels” view. These settings can’t be changed or customized.

All default boards support the following board-level operations:

  • Multi-Select
  • Tag Filtering
  • Refresh

Inbox #

Inbox is the primary board where all your incoming links are saved, think of it as your email inbox, just like all incoming mails go to your inbox, similarly, all links saved using the browser extension end up in the Inbox board by default. It’s also possible to add links directly to Inbox from the app for quick saving.

Inbox is designed to serve as a temporary holding place for your links, and therefore it’s limited in its functionality and customizability. It’s not intended to be used as a regular board and expects links to be moved out of it to one of your custom boards. Even though there is no limit to the number of links that can be stored in Inbox, having a large number of links will make your overall experience inefficient and could hurt performance on slower devices, therefore it’s ideal to move links out of Inbox to more suitable custom boards. Links from any other boards (including custom boards) can not be moved back into Inbox.

Archive #

Archive is a special board whose sole purpose is to store archived items. It works just like any other board except it can’t be customized or deleted.

Links “Archived” end up in the “Archive” board, the purpose of archiving is to not permanently delete links but archive them as they might come useful someday. Usually, links that are no longer relevant or are cluttering up space in your other boards, but might come useful someday are good candidates for archiving.

Archived items will show up in search, bookmark & tag results just like all other links. Items can be easily moved out to other boards and archived links are never deleted automatically.

Trash #

Trash is the recycle-bin where all deleted items end up. It works pretty much like Inbox & Archive, however, items can’t be moved into Trash by regular move operations, and are only moved to Trash when the “Delete” operation is selected.

Items in “Trash” don’t show up in search, bookmark, or tag results and are considered deleted from the app’s perspective. However, it’s possible to restore items from Trash in case they were accidentally deleted by selecting the ones to restore and using the “Move” operation to move them out into other boards. Deleting a Board, or Section in its entirety will move all links within that Board/Section to Trash and those links can be recovered from Trash, however, Trash can’t restore the Board or Section itself.

Trash has an extra board-level operation “Empty Trash” which permanently deletes everything in “Trash” without any possibility of recovery of the deleted items. Therefore it’s best to be careful before emptying the trash.

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