Manage Tags

Individual tag operations #

Change color, edit & delete #

You can make changes to a tag by using its context menu. Tag’s context menu can be accessed from the tag’s tab and selecting the three dots next to the tab in question.

Group similar tags #

Similar tags can be grouped together for easier maintenance. To add a tag to a group follow these steps:

Access the tag’s context menu from the tag’s tab in the navigation bar, and select “Edit”

tag context menu

Select an existing group from the list, or create a new one by entering the group name and selecting “Update”


Automatic Tagging #

For automatic tagging, see automatic tagging.

Manage multiple tags #

You can manage tags in bulk using the tag manager built into the tags tab. To access the tag manager, follow these steps:

Navigate to the tag’s tab, and select Tag Manager

get to tag manager

Select the tags you wish to manage, and then select the action you wish to perform

manage tags bulk

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