Smart Rules

Introduction #

Tired of moving and tagging bookmarks manually from your Inbox? Clipd’s Smart Rules Engine lets you automatically tag and move your bookmarks based on conditions that you define. Clipd is the first and only Bookmark Manager to support this feature. It is easy to create smart rules, follow the directions below to create your first smart rule:

Create Smart Rules To Automatically Tag & Move Your Bookmarks #


How to access Smart Rules Engine #

You can access the Smart Rules Engine by navigating to the Settings tab, scroll down and select “Smart Rules Engine“, or by going directly to this URL .

Create your first smart rule #

For this tutorial, we will use an example of all incoming links from “” and specifically from the “/r/Productivity” subreddit. We want to automatically tag all incoming links from “” with the tag “Productivity” and move it to the board “Reddit“. Once the condition is matched, we want to stop any further rule processing. Let’s do it:

  • To get started with your first smart rule, select “Add Smart Rule” from the toolbaradd-smart-rule
  • Title: Title is a name you assign to the rule for easier identification of the rule throughout the app, in our case, we will use “/r/Productivity
  • Condition: For the condition, we have the option to select URL or Metadata, the difference between the two is mentioned below in this article, for now, we will select “If URL contains” as we want to enforce a condition on the incoming URL.
  • Matches: Matches are values we want the condition enforced on, for our case, we will use ““, “Any“/”All” doesn’t matter as we only have one condition.
    • For URL matches, it’s not necessary to use the full domain URL, including “https://www” etc as the above match will match the URL regardless
  • Actions: Actions define the processing you want to be performed once a condition is matched, for our case we will use both the conditions as we want to both tag and move the incoming bookmark.
    • Tag With: We will select a pre-defined tag “Productivity
    • Move To: We will select a pre-created board “Reddit
  • Post Processing: We want no further rules to apply as the item has matched the condition and moved to the right board, we will select “Don’t apply any more rules
  • Auto Run: We want this rule to run automatically for all incoming links so we will enable this switch


And that’s it, all incoming URLs from ‘’ will match the condition, be tagged with ‘Productivity” and will be moved to “Reddit” board automatically.

Conditions #

At the time of writing this article, Clipd supports two types of conditions, namely:

  • URL based
  • Metadata based

URL based conditions #

URL-based condition matches the URL of the incoming bookmark, it’s not ncessary to include the full URL, partial matches work just fine.

Therefore it’s not needed to include “http/https” and “www”, just the domain name followed by match path is enough, for example, “” is enough to trigger a match.

Metadata based conditions #

Metadata includes the following fields on a bookmark:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

If any of the above fields contain terms/matches the rule will be qualified as matched

Comparator #

Comparator defines how the terms should be matched, there are two types of comparators:

Any of #

Any of the terms matching the criteria will mark the rule as matched

All of #

All of the terms have to match the criteria for the rule to be marked as matched

Matches #

Matches are the terms you define that should be matched against the incoming bookmark condition, it’s possible to use multiple matches. Matches are string values and must be at least 3 characters long. It’s advised not to use too generic terms as that will trigger the rule on all pages.

Actions #

Actions are what happens to an incoming bookmark once a condition has matched. Clipd at this stage support two types of actions, it’s possible to use both actions at the same time, however, at least one of the actions must be selected for the rule to succeed.

Tag With #

Once a condition has been matched, Rules Engine will tag the bookmark with your defined tag(s). The tags have to be pre-created.

Move To #

Once a condition has been matched, Rule Engile will move the bookmark to your defined Board/Section. The Board/Section has to be pre-created. The bookmark will be moved to the end of the list.

Post Processing #

Stop Processing Any More Rules #

This condition only applies when a rule has matched and actions have been performed. It’s best to use this switch when using Move To action as not selecting it will keep moving the item by any further rules.

Automatically Run on New Content #

It is possible to create rules to run them manually on specific boards by the user. This setting defined how a rule should be run, for most rules it should be set to auto, however there are situations where you want to create a rule for a specific purpose on a board, therefore in that case you will select not to run the rule automatically.

Rule Processing Order #

Rules are executed in ascending order, or from top to bottom, you can move the rules up and down the define their priority.

Rules engine will keep executing subsequent rules as long as a match is not found with rule processing termination. This can be confusing with a number of rules so it’s best to use a smaller set of rules with the “Stop Processing Any More Rules’ option selected.

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