Speed Dial

Speed Dial is Clipd’s answer to your Bookmarks Bar (in Chrome) or Bookmarks Toolbar (in Firefox). Speed dial provides instant access to your most favorite links and is conveniently located in the top toolbar regardless of where you are in the app. Your favorite links can be easily added or removed from the Speed Dial as needed.

Speed dial is always available in the same spot whether you are on a mobile, tablet, or your desktop, just look for the pink heart icon in the top right to access your speed dial.

How do I access the Speed Dial? #

You can access the Speed Dial feature by hovering your mouse over (on desktops) or tapping (on mobiles/tablets) on the heart icon right next to the top search bar.


How do I add links/bookmarks to the Speed Dial? #

Simply click/tap on the context menu with 3 horizontal dots next to a bookmark, and select “Add to Speed Dial” from the menu.


How can I manage all Speed Dials? #

You can see & manage all speed dials from the Speed Dial screen from within the app.

manage speed dials

How are Speed Dials ordered? #

Speed dials are automatically ordered by popularity (or the number of times you have clicked them, either via the Speed Dial itself or from anywhere else within the app). This way your most accessed links are closest to the heart icon.

Can I change the order of the Speed Dials? #

At this stage no. We can implement such a feature if there is demand.

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