Tags can help you organize your items that you’ve saved to Clipd.io. Tags are like folders but they offer greater flexibility as an item can be tagged with multiple tags at the same time.

Tagging individual links #

There are a few ways Clipd.io lets you tag your links. Here’s how to use and create tags.

Using the app #

You can add tags to your links by using the bookmark’s context menu

  • Select the bookmark’s context menu
  • Select “Edit”, this should open up the Manage Bookmark dialog
  • Click on Tags, select any existing tags from the list
  • or Create new tags by entering the term and pressing “Enter”
  • Click the “Update” button to save your changes

how to tag using app single

Using the browser extension #

You can tag your links directly from our browser extension, the process is the same as above.

  • Click the browser extension’s icon to bookmark the current page
  • Scroll down the popup and select the Tags field to select or create tags
  • Click “Update” button to save your changes

Tagging multiple links #

Automatic Tagging #

Clipd offers advanced auto-tagging functionality based on keyword-based algorithms or based on custom rules that you define. You can read more about the automatic tagging features of Clipd here.

Manual Tagging #

You can tag multiple links at once using the Clipd app batch tagging feature. To tag multiple links follow the steps below:

  • Start the batch selection mode in the board you wish to tag your links instart batch selection
  • Select the links you wish to tagbatch selection
  • Select “Tag” from the batch selection toolbar at the top of the pagebatch-select-tag
  • Select the tags you wish to assign or create, and then press the “Tag” buttonbatch tag dialog

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