Viewing Tagged Links & Filtering

Clipd offers several ways of viewing & filtering tagged items to make finding and organizing your information effortless.

Viewing Tags #

From the tags tab #

To view all items tagged with a certain tag, follow these steps:

  • Select the “Tags” tab in the navigation bar
  • Select the tag you wish to see results for
  • Items tagged with selected tag will show up in a list view, sorted by “most recent”
  • You can change the “Sort” and “View” mode of the layout, Clipd will remember your changes

viewing by tag

From the bookmark panel #

Tags are shown in all bookmark display styles except “Dense”, you can view all the tags a link is tagged with, in the bookmark’s panel description.

To jump to all items tagged with that particular tag, simply click on the tag button. This way you can jump from one tag to another with ease.

tag view from bookmark

From the search bar #

Clipd’s powerful search bar not only searches bookmarks but also boards, sections & tags. Simply type the name of the tag in the search bar and click on the result.

tags from search

Filtering tag results #

Clipd offers nested tag filtering to narrow down your search. You can quickly find the desired item by using multiple tags and filtering.

  • To filter items based on multiple tags, select the “Tags Filter” button in the header, tag filtering is available in Boards, Tag Results & Saved Bookmark results
  • Select the tags one by one you wish to filter one, filtering happens in real-time


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