Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I have to register?

Clipd stores all your clippings in the cloud. We do that so you can access your digital knowledge from any where and on any device. Registration is required so we can serve you your content while keeping it secure and separate from other users.

How do I add content in Clipd?

You can add links by clicking on the “+ Add link(s)” button in sections or using our browser extensions.

Is there a browser extension?

Yes there is, you can find it here.

Are my links and notes private?

Yes absolutely, unlike other bookmark managers that let you opt-out of sharing of your bookmarks, Clipd by default keeps all your content completely private. We have plans to add co-authoring and sharing features in the next release.

Can I import/export my bookmarks?

Yes you can. You can find the tools under “Settings > Import / Export”.

Is this free? Do I have to pay?

The base/core features of Clipd are completely free. There is no limit to the number of bookmarks or boards you can create. In the initial release we are letting all users have full access to all the features of Clipd. We plan to implement a paid subscription model for advanced features in a future release.

Will export be a paid feature?

Never. Clipd export feature will always be free, you are free to leave our platform with your data at any time. Unlike other apps, we believe locking users into a platform is unethical and unprofessional.

Is my data mined or shared with other companies?

Nope. We don’t do any data mining or selling of your data with anyone. Your data is only visible to you and nobody else.

How do you make money?

We don’t, at least not at this stage. Our current aim is growth. We plan to introduce an optional paid subscription for advanced features in a future release.