How tags work in uses advanced tagging concepts missing from most other bookmark managers. You can assign multiple tags to your bookmarks both manually and automatically.

Tag Creation & Assignment:

Tags can be created & assigned when editing a Bookmark using the Tags section. You can either create a new tag or assign existing ones.

Tags can also be created manually from the Tags List section from the navigation drawer

Auto Tag Assignment: uses a keyword-based algorithm to automatically assign tags to bookmarks.

Once enabled on a tag, parser will look for the tag keyword in the bookmark title, description, keywords, and URL. If the tag keyword is found, the bookmark will be automatically tagged with that tag.

NOTE: This setting only affects any new bookmarks that are added to, not existing ones.

For example, if a user wants to automatically tag all bookmarks related to the keyword “food”, they can enable automatic tagging by following these steps:

    • Create tag “food” if not already created using either the tag assignment screen when editing a bookmark, or the tag list under the navigation drawer.
    • Edit the tag “food” from the tag list > Edit tag menu
    • Enable “Auto Apply Tag?” to enable automatic tagging for tag “food”
    • will automatically tag any bookmark with the tag “food” when it encounters the keyword “food” in bookmark title, description, keywords or URL.

Aliases (alternate keywords):

    • It is also possible to define aliases or alternate keywords for a particular term. So for example, if a user wants to tag all bookmarks with the tag “food” containing keywords like “bbq“, “cooking“, “restaurants” etc, they can define these keywords using the alias field as below.
    • Now will automatically tag any bookmarks with “food” if it contains any of the keywords including “food“, “bbq“, “cooking“, “restaurants” etc

Tag Filtering supports multiple ways of filtering your bookmarks based on tags.

Board based filters

Tag filtering is supported both in sections based boards as well as list based boards.

    • To filter your bookmarks simply click on the Tag Filter icon in the board header as below


    • Then simply select the tags you wish to filter on
  • supports drill-down tag filtering and your filter results will automatically change to reflect subfilters

Bookmark based filters

Board based tag filters only show you results from the board filtering is applied on, if you wish to see all bookmarks tagged with specific tags you can use the tag list to filter bookmarks from all boards

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