How to export bookmarks from various browsers & services

Bookmarks are usually exported/imported in a special HTML file format called a “Netscape Bookmarks file“. Even though “Netscape” is no more, the bookmark format they created has lingered around and is now just a relic of a bygone era. However, it is still the standard format for bookmarks export supported by most browsers. also uses this format to import/export bookmarks in its bookmark manager.

Here are simple instructions or links to straight forward guides explaining the process:

Bookmark Managers


    1. Visit Papaly Account Settings
    2. Navigate to the Preferences tab
    3. Click on the button “Export as HTML File” next to the Export Bookmarks section
    4. HTML Bookmark file will be saved to your downloads folder. You can then feed this file into importer.

    1. Visit Raindrop > Settings > Export
    2. Click on the “Send Email” button
    3. Raindrop will email you a copy of the HTML file, you can then feed this file into importer.