Allow to import via 1-click all tabs of current browser window as a new section

Another app has a crucial feature for me: It allows via browser-app to take all tabs in the currently open browser window, turn them into links in a new section (in the currently opened board), and then close all the browser tabs.
Please, could you implement this feature for your browser app as well? It is really essential for my workflow. I often have several browser windows open – one for each topic – and would like to be able to quickly turn them into sections in Clipd. Thank you very much!

5 thoughts on “Allow to import via 1-click all tabs of current browser window as a new section”

  1. We have introduced Tab Management functionality on 7th September 2019. Now you can save all your tabs as sections instantly. Changes have been submitted to the Chrome store and hopefully the updated extension will be approved soon.

  2. The part that doesn’t work with this is that the Tabs that were added stay open. They should close once they’ve been added to Clipd please

  3. Also noticed that “unchecking” an open tab in the list, still imports it to Clipd. For example, if Clipd is in an open tab, and it shows up in the list, but I uncheck it so that it doesn’t go, but it still gets imported. I’m using Chrome, and the tabs are not pinned.

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