Freely move sections and board groups

Sections in a board cannot be moved freely. Please allow a drag & drop movement of the sections inside a column and between different columns. It is crucial to be able to make my own ordering on a board.

Similarly, please do not automatically sort board groups alphabetically. Allow a custom ordering by drag and drop there as well. You already allow boards to be custom-ordered via drag and drop, so it should be easy to extend. Allow top-level boards without a group and board groups to be mixed in the ordering.

4 thoughts on “Freely move sections and board groups”

    1. I already use this option, but depending on the view it can be very unintuitive. While using Kaban or fixed columns it’s sorting left to right, but with the Masonry view my brain melts trying to figure out what goes where.

      A possible quick fix for this issue will be to change the view of the “Rearrange Sections” to have columns so you can define your favorite layout for the number of columns you like, but still not having to implement drag&drop on the boards themselves. The idea being, instead of having something like :


      You’ll have

      Section1 Section2 Section3
      Section5 Section4

      Which if you turn back into a list will be Section1, Section2, Section3, Section5, “BLANK”, Section4

      In this new “Rearrange Sections” you could either :
      * define a number of columns but give the option of having empty columns (Like the example above)
      * match the number of columns on screen
      * add an option to add/remove columns in the view

      Sorry for the long explanation, I hope it’s clear. I also understand that this still could be fairly long/difficult to implement, so I’ll keep enjoying using the Kaban view while waiting patiently for this feature.

      1. Since i can’t edit my comment here is the edit i wish I could do :

        You’ll have

        Section1 ___ Section2 ___ Section3
        Section5 _______________ Section4

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