Google’s Sync error and why I came

Google has had an issue with their bookmarking sync issue since I can remember. I believe the first records on googles help and support forums that mentioned this subject date back to 2013. The problem many, millions, of google users are having with their bookmarks is due to a sync issue that has been tested and played out by Google for years. Ultimately, what happens is, over the course of years, google users add/remove devices that require their google username and password. And unless when removing or setting up new google devices, special buttons are clicked, to put it shortly, google remembers your old devices (or at least its bookmarks) long after its google account has left the device. This has led many people, including I, with a reason to look elsewhere for bookmark mgmt. Our google bookmark managers contain hundreds of duplicate bookmarks, hundreds of duplicate folders, some empty (from previous attempts to get rid of them -personally speaking) and some containing the exact same. Currently, after spending 12 plus hours starting and setting up my clipd account, I made the mistake of importing my saved google bookmark HTML list and though it took clipd at least 1.5 hours ( i left around 90 mins) to import all my screwed up google bookmarks, clipd did succeed and now i am left with about 20 great boards i personally created, and then about 300 boards that clipd imported from google.. Due to NO mistake of clipd, it put each folder as a new board….which is and makes the best sense. When I was using google, I had about 300 duplicated FOLDERS, I know have about 300 duplicated BOARDS. In my attached image i provide some links that speak to the magnitude of this issue. I myself, with a a masters in CS from PITT UNIVERISTY, can see how the Clipid Crew can benefit from googles mistake and their fix which is both time consuming and too long. All Clipid needs to do is enable a multi-folder deletion option. Instead of clicknHold 2 reorder ClicknHold2delet

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