Website Snapshots

Images that Clipd generates for a website eventually get broken by webmasters constantly changing homepage images, leaving bookmarks with black blank screens. If Clipd can’t generate an image, it makes a title page with turquoise background… one word… ugly! I’d desperately like to see webpage snapshots that are a 16:9 ratio and that fit into your coded window (grid view) without chopping off the top of the webpage header (align top, not bottom).

1 thought on “Website Snapshots”

  1. This is on our todo list. That being said, generating website screen shots are not that simple. There are quite a few factors that we have to account for such as should we screenshot the view the user is looking at, or the server? A user can have access to a page (logged in) but the server won’t, what should be done about that? Where should these screen shots be stored? etc.

    However, it is something that our customers want so we will implement it as soon as we have some resources.

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