Sections or List? Deciding how your content flows

Clipd happens to be the only bookmark manager that lets you select either sections or list mode when creating a board.

What is it and why does it matter?

The way your bookmarks are displayed and organized not only comes down to personal preference but also how the flow of a board is defined. Let me explain with a real-world example:

Think a Wikipedia article vs a reference book/guide/tutorial. They both contain information about a certain topic yet how the information is presented is inherently different between the two mediums.

A wiki article represents a single topic and goes in depth explaining what it is, how it works etc however what it lacks is a curated flow that explains and defines the context for that topic. So think of Wikipedia as a list of articles, connected yes, but without a flow.

A book or a tutorial, on the other hand, has a flow that walks you through each step, and therefore curated by someone knowledgeable in that skill to give context. Think chapters and sections in a book, that is the curated flow.

Now we understand the difference, it is important to also understand that one is not superior to the other, they both have their uses. For example, to pick up on a new skill you probably won’t jump onto Wikipedia, but instead would prefer a course, tutorial or a book that walks you through each step. However, having grasped the skill you might jump on a wiki article that explains a particular sub-topic or an advanced topic of that skill.

In Clipd, sections and lists offer the same functionality, letting you decide which one makes more sense based on the content you want to store.

Which one should I use?

I personally use these rule of thumbs deciding which mode to use:


Sections example

  • If the content has a certain flow and hierarchy
  • If I need to see a condensed view of different moving parts of a system


List example

  • If the content is a dump of various pieces of information not necessarily connected by a flow
  • A list of things (images, videos, articles)

Hopefully, this should give you an idea of which mode makes sense for your use case. Feel free to post in comments what you think or contact our support if you need further clarification

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